Who am I?


I'm an IT architect with focus on security, high availability and enterprise operating systems (Linux, UNIX, Mainframe). I'm working on a freelance basis via my own company, Init6 Consulting (shameless plug). My resume includes Linux, a handful of UNIXes, Novell, virtualisation, open source technologies and various scripting- and programming languages. For more detail or an actual copy of my resume, see either this page or contact me.


I've been involved in a few (open source) projects to far: doing some bughunting and translating for Pidgin and Guifications, customizing MediaTomb to work with the PlayStation 3, ... Most but not all of this was done in the context of creating IRIX software packages; I've got a sweet spot for SGI, its machines and operating system.

I'm currently acting as core team member at Soleus Hostingcommunity where we run a nice (100+) number of member's virtual machines on top of Xen, trying to provide an environment that's as fail-safe as possible within budget restrictions.

More as a hobby than as a professional need, I tend to watch the evolution of IBM System Z "Mainframe" products closely ever since my introduction in the world of IBM's ultra-high-available systems. OpenVMS and its clusters are also part of a hobby project of mine. There's something strangely fascinating about special-purpose niche operating systems...


I was born °1981 (you do the math) in a small town in Belgium and am living in a slightly less small town a bit further now.

Hobbies include - how surprising - IT in general, but also literature, various genres of music, film, animals, photography and cooking.